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Are you a Software Engineer ready to pay lesser taxes, maximize your investment opportunities, while minimizing risk to reach your financial goals and retirement dreams, and aspirations?

You’re in the business of innovating and following your passion.

That’s where I come into play.

As a Financial Architect, I specialize in helping software engineers minify the impact of taxes, maximize their investment opportunities while minimizing risk by finding the money they are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

The money freed up will be utilized to solidify your financial future without impacting your current lifestyle.

I can help put your mind at ease with simple proven money management strategies.

Wouldn’t you want to see how you can reposition your money to potentially minimize your income taxes, eliminate stock market losses, and maximize your wealth accumulation for the future?

Software Engineers come to me when they:

✅ Want to minimize income taxes

✅ Want to maximize the amount you can invest from current income

✅ Want to guarantee the safety of their investment principal

✅ Want to reduce or eliminate all consumer debt

✅ Want to position their money to provide current liquidity

✅ Want to maximize investment income

The landscape has changed for Software Engineers and they are tired of putting all their energy into:

❌ Removing the IRS from being the primary recipient of their savings

❌ Protecting their hard-earned savings from market risk

❌ Dealing with many institutions that are focused only on profits

❌ Eliminating consumer debt

❌ Listening to traditional advice that isn't working today

❌ Outdated information and bad investment advice from the media

In only a few weeks you can:

🎯 Significantly reduce your income tax

🎯 Have complete safety and guarantees of principal

🎯 Have liquidity, access, and control of your money

🎯 Dramatically improve your cash flow

🎯 Significantly reduce or eliminate your debt

🎯 Have money to fund a college education

If this is in your wheelhouse, I invite you to send me a message here on LinkedIn or schedule a quick 15-minute introductory call where we can chat about your financial security.



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Free up your money, to start

saving for your future needs of

retirement, college, and more




It's not how much money you've accumulated rather it is about how

much income you have to spend




Invest your safe and liquid capital like the banks and achieve continuous compounding on money spent



Unknown yet proven methods to help turn profit into tax-advantaged cash flow and generate wealth outside your business



By taking the equity out of the home and putting that money to work for

you today, you are forming the

habit of saving



Position your assets to save money

while preserving your eligibility to

qualify for college financial


Why RJ Gustilo?

Do you know how banks make billions by safely investing our cash deposits while simultaneously lending them out to get multiple bites off the same apple?

I educate clients on how big banks themselves do this and help them to bring this big institutional thinking down to everday people like you and me.

This is a very powerful strategy that allows you to:

Reduce or eliminate all consumer debt

Plan a retirement that benefits you and not the IRS

Stop losing money in this volatile Stock Market

Have complete safety and guarantees of your principal

Increase the yield on the money you have in the bank by 40% or more by earning interest on the money you spend

Retire as much as 5 to 7 years earlier than they would have

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Our Approach

Increase Cash Flow

If you can increase your cash flow, you have changed your financial life.

Control Debt

By controlling your debt you are on your way to creating real wealth

Prepare for Emergencies

If you have an emergency fund, life is a lot less stressful during financially tough times.

Properly Protect Your Assets

Wealthy people realize it's essential to protect their assets. You can as well.

Create Long – Term Wealth Accumulation

Everybody wants to know how to accumulate wealth. You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt how to accumulate wealth with minimal risk.

Estate Preservation

The final piece of the puzzle. You won't have to worry if your estate is legally protected once you realize how easy it is to legally preserve what you've worked so hard to earn.

What people say about us.

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I am a small farmer, with my ranch located in the Southern Idaho and providing me with all my earnings. That’s why I signed up for insurance – to back up this humble pie of mine!


My son lost his left arm. Thanks to the health insurance service provided by this company, he got a fully-featured bionic limb. Thank you very much!


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